3 Threats to our dune systems 

flora removal and destruction

Hundreds of precious trees and plants that stablise the dunes have been removed to provide firewood and make space for illegal structures.

illegal structures & settlements

Thousands of shacks have been erected during the last few years and the expansion of the informal settlement places extra pressure on the sensitive dune environment.

litter and soil pollution

Pollution of the dunes continues unabated and leads to the destruction of natural dune habitats, is a fire hazard and poses serious health and safety problems.

the end result

Failure to halt the destruction of our dunes will mean the complete destabilisation and erosion of our sensitive dunes, something that will have serious consequences for the people living on and below the dunes. This is a health and safety issue waiting to become a disaster.

Noise Pollution Destroys Our Slowtown Living


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Noise pollution in the form or load music and other persistant disturbances of the peace make living near the dunes a nightmare for many of its residents that prefer the relative quiet associated with country living in our beautiful seaside village.

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